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Kickoff Conference 2014

shiny wooden bow of a sailboat gliding over waters during a sunset

Georgia Parent Mentor Partnership 2014 Annual Kickoff Conference

Presented by the Ga. Department of Education, Division for Special Education Services and Supports

The Classic Center, 300 North Thomas Street, Athens, Georgia

September 10 – 12, 2014

Come aboard for the 2014 Annual Kickoff Conference.  This year we will be Sailing the 7 C’s as we participate in Leading by Convening: A Blueprint for Authentic Engagement to learn strategies for Collaborating and the importance of Coalescing around issues.  We will discuss Communicating effectively with team members and families alike. We will be Committing to use new tools and we will discuss the importance of building Community and Capacity to expand our work.

Our Keynote speakers will inspire you with their stories and we, too, will be Sharing Our Stories (SOS).  Come and learn to harness the power of the C’s and set your course to arrive at the correct shore!

Conference registration will be open thru Friday, September 5, 2014

Pre-Conference Fee         $20 ~ includes box lunch

Conference Fee                 $210

Links to registration forms,  information on sessions, speakers and other news is coming soon


Those who are interest in attending the Sept. 10 preconference session on Academic Parent Teacher Teams only may register by clicking on the link below:


Scroll down to find:

lodging information

preconference information

Kickoff Conference Agenda

W9 form  from Coastal GLRS

Link to Preconference registration