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Kickoff Conference 2019

Conference seating in rows

The 2019 GaPMP Kickoff Conference is set for 

September 11-13, 2019

UGA Center for Continuing Ed

Athens, Ga

Registration details and hotel info coming soon!

PPA Nominations are happening now!

Whether you are nominating yourself, someone else or a director… WE NEED YOUR EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT

Nominations are being accepted now for the Phil Pickens Leadership Award 2019.

It has been reported that parent mentors are excelling in leadership roles across the state of Georgia.

There have been sightings of collaboration and partnerships from the local school districts to the state capital. The buzz words are Student Success, DBHDD, Graduation, Transition, Self Determination, Medicaid, etc…

Parent mentors are bridging gaps, fostering partnerships,  are building home, school, and community partnerships  through effective communication in an effort to increase graduation rates and successful post-secondary out comes for all students, especially those with disabilities.

Also seeking awesome Special Education Directors who continue to support the work of successful outcomes for students with disabilities.

Surely you’ve seen something. If you have witnessed or supported a mentor doing this awesome work, April Wooten and her team would love to hear from you. 

Scroll down for the PPA Nomination Packet