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Annual Really Short Gift Guide

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Every year many parents struggle with the questions from families and friends about gift giving for their special needs child. Especially if you have many children in the house. No one should be left out and yet, you know that it is almost more disappointing if the special needs child ends up with a bunch of weird gifts that are just not compatible with his/her ability level or… worse… interest. My son literally rolls his eyes with the babyish gifts often sent his way.

I know the gift givers mean well. So, every year I have developed a resource list to help folks do a better job of shopping for special kids. I would also suggest you include a personalized guide which offers information about favorite color, music preferences, texture preferences… etc.

Think of it as diversity shopping training.

Here are the links so you can pull them up yourself. Scroll down for a flyer you can download to give to families:   I like this one because it is well organized and gives you quick info so you can decide pretty quickly how far down the page you want to search (because I am not a shopper— be warned).

Ah, Pinterest, how I love thee… How can I even count the multitudes of ideas you have given me for FREE!

Toys R Us has been doing a buying guide for years. They announced that they are filing for bankruptcy this year, but the stores are still open.  So… here it is.  I have been impressed with how well this is done. Hopefully it will stick around. What I like best is it is opportunity to empower friends and relatives with a more “inclusive” shopping experience for special needs kids.  Meaning, that they can buy stuff for your “special needs” child in the same store they buy toys and games for their own kids.

Please note:  Be mindful of your school district’s rules about prior approval for handouts, especially when it promotes businesses. You don’t want to get a lump of coal, or worse, be put on the Naughty List for trying to do something to put you on your parents’ Nice List.

Happy shopping!  — Jane Grillo, GaPMP web editor